Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Animatronics

When I was a kid growing up in rural western Pennsylvania, Christmas decorations were not a priority in our family. My dad and mom did their best to raise my five brothers, one sister, and me. Our Christmas decorations consisted of an old artificial tree with five or six strings of multi-colored lights and icicles hastily strewn about by my father as he rushed to finish.

My parents weren't big on decorating mostly because they couldn't afford it. As I got older and started making some money of my own, I slowly started adding more and more Christmas decoration each year. I eventually had most of the house decorated both inside and out. Next it was time to add some visual effects and sounds to the mix.

Christmas Animatronic decorations made perfect sense to me. Animated decorations mix sight, sound, and motion (or the illusion of motion) together to create an attractive Christmas display that can be enjoyed by the entire neighborhood even from a distance.

Allow me to share my picks for Christmas Animatronic decorations that can easily be added to any Christmas display.

Christmas Animation With Light and Sound
One simple way to add visual effects and sounds to your Christmas display is through the use of an electronic light controller. It's easy to plug in the lights you already own and create visual effects which are synchronized to your favorite Christmas tunes.

The Mr Christmas Lights and Sounds outdoor controller allows for a maximum of 1,200 miniature lights to be plugged into each of its six outlets. Once the lights are plugged in, they can be synched with any of 20 holiday tunes.

Or how about this cute animated, lighted, sparkling penguin. Watch his head move side to side and his wings flap in and out.
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This 23-inch festive standing penguin is embellished with iridescent glitter and sugar-like crystals that are woven through the body for a look that shimmers and sparkles like ice. Lighted by 70 miniature lights, this guy will stay lit when a light burns out. 

Inflatable Animated Christmas Decorations
This 6-1/2 foot inflatable, lighted, rotating carousel will bring your Christmas display to life and provide enjoyment to children and adults alike. Simply plugin and the carousel inflates in minutes, lights for night-time viewing, and rotates. When unplugged, the carousel quickly deflates.
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Everything you need to get going right away is included with the carousel: inflator fan, tethers, and steaks. When the holiday season is done, simply deflate and fold-up for storage.

For more animated fun, there is this 8-foot wide inflatable Santa Clause flying airplane. This animated Christmas decoration lights up for easier night-time viewing and inflates in just mere minutes.
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Santa can take-off in style from your front yard in his plane with spinning propeller. Everything you need is included, such as inflator fan, tethers, and steaks. Once the season is over, quickly deflate and fold Santa and his plane for easy storage.

Sit Back And Enjoy
So there you have it. Some simple ideas for animatronic decorations that will add motion, light, and sound to your Christmas display this year and for years to come. Just remember, start out small and add maybe one or two new decorations this year. The important part of Christmas is to spend time with your loved ones and make sure you all enjoy the celebration together.